Baptism present

I’ve made this for my BF nephew’s baptism as a present. Giving money is so old school :D. I think it will be cool when he grow up to have something to remember. It’s made on A3 canvas with hand painted animals from plaster, glitters and acrylics.

Magic Kinder Surprise

I didn’t like kinder very much when I was a kid. I remember some of my friends had a huge collection of that miniatures. But I guess I’m going through some crisis lately because everytime I go to supermarket I need to buy one of this. And look what I got today. A stamp! How cool is that? ­čśÇ

Halloween 2010

Here are the images of make up I did for last Halloween. We have Ziggy Stardust,

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Owl earrings

I really like how this turned out, all shiny and glittery ^^. I’ve made this out of polymer clay and zircons. I was also testing for the first time electric grinder and polisher-that was fun.

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Butterfly brooch

I really love butterflies (as long as they don’t attack me :D). I made this one out of wire and beads for “Sminkaonica” in Varazdin (powered by together with some other things.

Meet my hamster

This is how my hamster acts when in heat :D. It’s ideal time to pet her because she is usually in turbo mode. Her right cheek is a little bit distorted because she had a big piece of dried banana in it :D.

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Getting fit

This is a breakfast of champion wanna-be. Oatmeal with milk, banana, agave syrup and chopped almonds…and melissa tea…I want junk food.

Portfolio Photo Book

I recently bought a coupon with discount on one photo book. I had 2 months to put it all together, but of course I did it night before expiration date. But at the end I’m amazed how it looks like because I never printed any of my work. Dimension is 15x20cm. I especially like how digital paintings looks like. Colors are mixed together great, they are not too sharp.

Enhanced Pocket Mirror

Made for a friend in love with Sigma mirrors. It’s covered with zircons. Then I try to cover it with epoxy resin. It ended up in the trash :D. Don’t mix your epoxy on balcony in winter time. I’m making a new one.

Let me out of here

Made for photoshopcontest out of this image.

Painted jewelry box

I found a wooden box I bought who knows when so I decided to finally paint it.

Illamasqua Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to my first makeup tutorial :). While looking for something on web few days ago I run into advertisement photos of Illamasqua Throb collection´╗┐. I thought it would be fun to try that kind of makeup on.

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David Bowie

Pencil drawing as a birthday present for a friend. We will remember it because first┬á friend┬á pierced a big hole in the wall and then I had to come with plaster and drill. Now whenever I draw something for anyone, my first question is: do you need a drill? Just for a record before friend kills me for gossip-wall was really stubborn. You’re still the man! ­čśÇ

Superbugs show

Made for photoshopcontest from this image.

Teddy angel

From Christmas series, made from plaster and painted with acrylics.

Doutzen Kroes

Painted in photoshop, 4 days of scrabbling around.

Happy tree

Tree is painted on canvas with acrylics, prismacolor markers, zircons and glitters.

I’ll take care of you

This one was made for photoshopcontest. I was working on some project about homeless people and I found photo of this poor man sitting on a street with his dog. What I wanted to say with this photo manipulation is that even when the man finish his life on earth his dog will always be with him like his only and true friend. It’s hard to find real friend when you have it all, imagine how it would be if you lost everything.

My imagination

This is one of my first photo manipulations, but it’s one of my favorite from that era. Model is from Sinned-angel-stock.

Hello Aliens…

…and welcome to my planet. Some of you remember me as Lancoma, but I had to change my nick because I couldn’t handle questions like: “is Lancoma for cosmetics?” anymore. Site will be updated soon. You will be able to comment, post on twitter, facebook and all that fancy modern stuff that a site must have. I’ll pick some work from the past and I promise a lot of interesting work in a future (right after I watch last few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and 3 seasons of “House M.D.- joking!). Kisses


This is my cat Muky, painted in photoshop, 3 hrs. I’m thinking of printing this for my mother. Since I’m dealing with drawing a lot of hair lately, I gave it a try with animals and I have to say that it’s a great refreshment after painting portraits for a long time.