A5, color pencils

Jewelry retouch

Cut out and color correction.

Shirt retouch

Cut out with basic color correction and editing back side.

Mister Mouse

Part of a painting I’m working on. Drawn in Photoshop.

Don’t break my hairy heart

A4, color pencils and markers

Hair clip cutout/clipping path

Sample of cutting detailed object with pen tool. Thanks to ~ashlee7307-stock for providing original.

Stardust Splendor

Owl earrings and cat brooch made for lovely and very talented  Stardust Splendor (art trade).

Portrait Retouch Rollover

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Ladybugs on rocks

My darling and I were by the river yesterday collecting rocks.

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Birthday fishes

Made as a Bday present for a friend. “Sretan ročkas” in Croatian slang means “Happy Bday”.

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Fridge animal magnets for animal shelter

A series of fridge magnets made before last Christmas and selled for local animal shelter (Udruga “Spas”).

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Handmade Angels and Bears Christmas 2010

This is a collection of ornaments I did for last Christmas for my family and friends. It’s all made of plaster and painted with acrylics.

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“Happiness” was a commision for my mother, a one hour sketch. It reminds me on spring and warmer days :). Pencils and reference used.

Fašnik 2011 (Masquerade)

Ove godine dobila sam želju dvoje prijatelja da ih maskiram u Jokera i zombija. Bilo je napeto jer sam imala samo 2 sata

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Salvador Dali

This weekend was fun. I finally said goodbye to spring depression and started to do something creative.

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The little match girl

This was my entry for “Fairytale” contest.

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My winter view

Here is a few photos from last 2 winters in Zagreb and Varazdin.

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Digital fence removal

3 A.M., photoshop, fence and me.

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Jane 007

Her name is Bond. Jane Bond. 😀

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Dancing trees

This one is older than me :D.


So, I had a day off. Photos say it all :D.

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Morphic Adaptation

Another photoshop oldie :).

Plushies on nails

I had a free evening so I decided to try to paint something on my nails :). After I resigned that 7 drawfs isn’t really the easiest idea I had, plushies were next on my list!

Cat tutorial

A short tutorial/walkthrough of my painting “Muky”. Muky is my 12 years old cat, living with my parents.

Shaun the Sheep xmas edition card

This was a commission for xmas card.

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Painted in PS with tutorial from the book “Elements”.

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Photo manipulation&Retouch of Marili.

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Hugo (Delivery to heaven)

Here is a short photoshop tutorial/walkthrough of how I painted my dog Hugo in “Delivery to heaven”.

Painted wall

This is a tree I’ve painted last year on my bedroom wall.

Claire Bennet

Claire Bennet is a fictional character from TV series “Heroes” played by Hayden Panettiere.

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Carmen Electra

Something older

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Polka dots manicure

Tried out new polishes from Essence “I Love Berlin” collection (“Love This City”, “I’m a Berliner”). I also used “Make Me Holo” polish from their “Black and White” collection and I finally found it’s purpose. It looks great on dark blue and pink polishes. It makes them look lighter and it reflects colors from the base polish in a pretty way.

Aladdin Sane

I did this on canvas with acrylics and glitters. Originally it’s a David Bowie album cover.

Delivery to heaven

I was painting this for about 15hrs in photoshop.
It shows my dog Hugo who is in heaven since last year. It was a bit painfull to do this, but I love how it looks at the end. Hope you’ll love it too and I hope I delivered my emotions to you guys.

PC table? No! Vanity corner!

I was tired from looking for a vanity table in local stores because it’s impossible to find anything here in Croatia.

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Baptism present

I’ve made this for my BF nephew’s baptism as a present. Giving money is so old school :D. I think it will be cool when he grow up to have something to remember. It’s made on A3 canvas with hand painted animals from plaster, glitters and acrylics.

Magic Kinder Surprise

I didn’t like kinder very much when I was a kid. I remember some of my friends had a huge collection of that miniatures. But I guess I’m going through some crisis lately because everytime I go to supermarket I need to buy one of this. And look what I got today. A stamp! How cool is that? 😀

Halloween 2010

Here are the images of make up I did for last Halloween. We have Ziggy Stardust,

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Owl earrings

I really like how this turned out, all shiny and glittery ^^. I’ve made this out of polymer clay and zircons. I was also testing for the first time electric grinder and polisher-that was fun.

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Butterfly brooch

I really love butterflies (as long as they don’t attack me :D). I made this one out of wire and beads for “Sminkaonica” in Varazdin (powered by together with some other things.