Illamasqua Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to my first makeup tutorial :). While looking for something on web few days ago I run into advertisement photos of Illamasqua Throb collection. I thought it would be fun to try that kind of makeup on.

I photographed steps how I did it. I spend around 2 hours on this without eating, surfing and looking for that particular product in my never ending boxes of craft equipment.

Draw a heart shape on your face with a clown white color and fill it in. Fill the rest of your face with some brownish color. I used mat bronzer for this part.

Then use a light brown or gold eye shadow on upper lid and some dark brown eye shadow on crease. You can also put it under the eye. I also used black gel eyeliner for creating brows.

Use a dark brown face paint or eye pencil to contour the heart shape. I also tried to draw a thin black line between white and brown part. It was a real joy ride for my hand.

Take a black pencil or gel eyeliner or whatever black pointy thing you have and draw a thick line on upper lid. Then draw a thin white line above black line.

And here comes the fun part: fake eyelashes! The longer-the better. My natural lashes are blond so anything in black works like magic for me.  Also, draw a little heart on one side of your face.

And for the end use a red pencil to fill in your mouth. I also used a red lip gloss. Then go and find a black wig in your tresure box and you’re ready for a date! 😀

I hope you enjoyed and cya in my next tutorial! I think I already know what will it be, but I’ll keep it as a secret for now ^^.

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