Salvador Dali

This weekend was fun. I finally said goodbye to spring depression and started to do something creative.

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The little match girl

This was my entry for “Fairytale” contest.

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My winter view

Here is a few photos from last 2 winters in Zagreb and Varazdin.

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Digital fence removal

3 A.M., photoshop, fence and me.

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Jane 007

Her name is Bond. Jane Bond. 😀

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Dancing trees

This one is older than me :D.


So, I had a day off. Photos say it all :D.

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Morphic Adaptation

Another photoshop oldie :).

Plushies on nails

I had a free evening so I decided to try to paint something on my nails :). After I resigned that 7 drawfs isn’t really the easiest idea I had, plushies were next on my list!

Cat tutorial

A short tutorial/walkthrough of my painting “Muky”. Muky is my 12 years old cat, living with my parents.

Shaun the Sheep xmas edition card

This was a commission for xmas card.

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Painted in PS with tutorial from the book “Elements”.

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Photo manipulation&Retouch of Marili.

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Hugo (Delivery to heaven)

Here is a short photoshop tutorial/walkthrough of how I painted my dog Hugo in “Delivery to heaven”.

Painted wall

This is a tree I’ve painted last year on my bedroom wall.

Claire Bennet

Claire Bennet is a fictional character from TV series “Heroes” played by Hayden Panettiere.

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Carmen Electra

Something older

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Polka dots manicure

Tried out new polishes from Essence “I Love Berlin” collection (“Love This City”, “I’m a Berliner”). I also used “Make Me Holo” polish from their “Black and White” collection and I finally found it’s purpose. It looks great on dark blue and pink polishes. It makes them look lighter and it reflects colors from the base polish in a pretty way.

Aladdin Sane

I did this on canvas with acrylics and glitters. Originally it’s a David Bowie album cover.

Delivery to heaven

I was painting this for about 15hrs in photoshop.
It shows my dog Hugo who is in heaven since last year. It was a bit painfull to do this, but I love how it looks at the end. Hope you’ll love it too and I hope I delivered my emotions to you guys.

PC table? No! Vanity corner!

I was tired from looking for a vanity table in local stores because it’s impossible to find anything here in Croatia.

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