PC table? No! Vanity corner!

I was tired from looking for a vanity table in local stores because it’s impossible to find anything here in Croatia. Since I was buying a new work desk, I give my boyfriend my old pc table because his table was even older, and of course smaller and uglier :D. I don’t like to throw away things, so I got and idea to try to turn it to vanity corner. Now finally I have some place for makeup storage because it was usually all around our bathroom. I used self adhesive foil, little square mirrors and acrylics for this project. “Vanity is my favorite sin” is a quote from the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”.

Redesigned things, Traditional art

  1. myrthica says:

    sladak je za popizdit :)) <3
    i da to je ta ista crna folija koja mi stoji doma već dvije godine 😀
    odlično samo trebam kupiti stolić 😛

  2. aloneinuniverse says:

    hvala ^^

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