Daenerys Targaryen

Character from “Game of Thrones”.
I’ve changed her hair to blue, it was more fun to draw it that way :).

Mother Earth

Made with ink, color pencils, watercolors. I tried to create that  shiny snake look a like skin with glitter, but it’s only viewable at angle (you can see it on other images).

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Look inside my soul

Photoshop, around 10 hrs.

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A5, color pencils

Jewelry retouch

Cut out and color correction.

Shirt retouch

Cut out with basic color correction and editing back side.

Mister Mouse

Part of a painting I’m working on. Drawn in Photoshop.

Don’t break my hairy heart

A4, color pencils and markers

Hair clip cutout/clipping path

Sample of cutting detailed object with pen tool. Thanks to ~ashlee7307-stock for providing original.

Stardust Splendor

Owl earrings and cat brooch made for lovely and very talented  Stardust Splendor http://stardust-splendor.deviantart.com/ (art trade).