My name is Valerija. I’m a 29 years old photo retoucher from Croatia. I’ve started to play with
editing in 2007 but that game turned into love. I was working 2 years for
a female magazine Lisa and studied Multimedia at the same time but
then I left it all and become freelancer.
I’m also self taught painter and I love to make crafts.

– Photomanipulation of any kind
– Isolating images on a white background (clipping paths)
– Retouching images with problematic lighting, exposure and color
– Retouching models for fashion photography

-Lisa; female magazine, Adria media, Croatia
-Alessandro Bucci; Italy
-United Way of America
-NAACP; a civil rights organization
-ANU; lighting design
-Eccentric Solutions, USA
-Bornini; Netherland
-WSS-Warehouse, LA, CA
-Dan picture book; design of children book for animal shelter
-Pictorescue; Netherland
-Royer Design; Miami, USA
-Navabi; Deutschland
-Centrum-travel; Croatia
-Activewearusa; USA
-Abama; Deutschland