Jack Skellington Mug

Hand painted mug

Cat Butt Coasters

Bringing sexy back 🙂


When Kinder Surprise doesn’t surprise you anymore, you know it’s time to make something by yourself.

Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo

South Park Character 🙂

Stocking Ornaments

Miniature stocking crochet ornament

Gingerbread Brothers

Gingerbread cookies; soft, stuffed, diet and less edible crochet edition.

La vita è bella

It really is 🙂

Scarlett Johansson

Digital painting of stylised Scarlett Johansson. Painting time 7 hours.

Hitting the town

Kitty is learning her last lesson about humans before visiting the town for the first time.

Fur extraction

Extracting cat fur using painting techniques.


Part of something I’m finishing this weekend.

Crochet Hat with Big eyes

Saga with making presents for Christmas continues. Sewing parts on hat took longer then making entire hat, but it was super fun do to.

Crochet Ironman Glove

And now off I go to save the world!


I felt like drawing an eye today and I wanted to try my new polychromos colored pencils. We are officially in love.

White Crochet Flower

I’m learning to crochet flowers 🙂

Crochet Fingerless Glove with Bow

Gift for a friend (commissioned).

Mother Nature’s Cry

My new work, based on this image.

Lost in a Dream

I won first place with this image in photoshop contest  link

Wonder Woman

I felt like doing some manipulation today. Hope you like it! 

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My painting of Cosette from Les Misérables is done. Moving to something new.

Eye of Cosette

Part of the painting I’m working on (Cosette from Les MisĂ©rables)


Watercolors and acrylics on canvas.


This is the scene from the movie “The notebook”, when they argue beside the river. That part of movie is very dark so I didn’t have a very good reference, and I didn’t want to draw from poster like everybody else. That’s why he don’t look like Ryan Gosling, more like that guy from Sparta.

Iron Man Call Failed

Weeee I’m finally done with painting of Iron Man. It’s a scene from “Avengers” when he fly to space with rocket to destroy enemies and calling Potts over phone but she didn’t hear him. I understand her. I never hear my phone ring :D.


So, I finally watched Avengers and boy it was great! This is my painting of Hawkeye. Iron man will be next :).


Pencil version and version colored in PS.


My new work. I watched Mythbusters episode where they were testing if a person will get cold feet if you put his head in a container full of tarantulas for 3 minutes. Maybe that was the reason for this :D

It was firstly done with color pencils and then painted in PS.


I was tired of painting portraits so I wanted to try something different. I run into process of painting forest on youtube  so I wanted to give it a try. I’m surprised how it turned out :).
Painted with acrylics.