I felt like drawing an eye today and I wanted to try my new polychromos colored pencils. We are officially in love.


Pencil version and version colored in PS.

Another Girl

Practicing pencil drawing, hair especially. Got a picked nerve in back after doing this one :D.

Girl without a name

pencils, pastels, PS

Sun Goddess

color pencils, A3

Alien flower girl power

ballpoint pen and color pencils

Daenerys Targaryen

Character from “Game of Thrones”.
I’ve changed her hair to blue, it was more fun to draw it that way :).

Mother Earth

Made with ink, color pencils, watercolors. I tried to create that  shiny snake look a like skin with glitter, but it’s only viewable at angle (you can see it on other images).

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A5, color pencils

Don’t break my hairy heart

A4, color pencils and markers

Birthday fishes

Made as a Bday present for a friend. “Sretan ročkas” in Croatian slang means “Happy Bday”.

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“Happiness” was a commision for my mother, a one hour sketch. It reminds me on spring and warmer days :). Pencils and reference used.

Salvador Dali

This weekend was fun. I finally said goodbye to spring depression and started to do something creative.

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David Bowie

Pencil drawing as a birthday present for a friend. We will remember it because first  friend  pierced a big hole in the wall and then I had to come with plaster and drill. Now whenever I draw something for anyone, my first question is: do you need a drill? Just for a record before friend kills me for gossip-wall was really stubborn. You’re still the man! 😀