Jack Skellington Mug

Hand painted mug

Christmas Collection 2011 Handmade

This is what I was working on for the last 3 months.

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Hand painted mask in wooden frame.

Rock on Angel

X-mass tree decoration.

Kinky Angel

X-mass tree decoration made from plaster.

Christmas 2011 Overture

Angel and clouds are made from plaster, set on a wooden painted board. Everything is hand painted. It is a part of my christmas 2011 collection.

Ladybugs on rocks

My darling and I were by the river yesterday collecting rocks.

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Painted wall

This is a tree I’ve painted last year on my bedroom wall.

PC table? No! Vanity corner!

I was tired from looking for a vanity table in local stores because it’s impossible to find anything here in Croatia.

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Enhanced Pocket Mirror

Made for a friend in love with Sigma mirrors. It’s covered with zircons. Then I try to cover it with epoxy resin. It ended up in the trash :D. Don’t mix your epoxy on balcony in winter time. I’m making a new one.

Painted jewelry box

I found a wooden box I bought who knows when so I decided to finally paint it.