speed painting of my dog 🙂

Girl behind mask

My new painting, finished after 2 weekends 🙂

Another Girl

Practicing pencil drawing, hair especially. Got a picked nerve in back after doing this one :D.

Swamp Witch

I’ve put myself on a test to see how much did I learn in past few months of intense study of

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Girl without a name

pencils, pastels, PS


I progressed from a cube to a sphere. You can spend half of your life on randomize :D. 

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Learning combination of 3D and photoshop with random tutorials. This one exactly you can find here with a “little” bit of different result Create an Explosive Abstract in Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Marie Antoinette

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Digital painting, coloring practice

First Love

Love goes through the stomach :). Stock used link

Bubble Girl

thanks for stock link

Anthony Hopkins

experimenting with some new techniques

The Phantom

experimenting; thanks for stock link

Christmas Collection 2011 Handmade

This is what I was working on for the last 3 months.

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Hand painted mask in wooden frame.

Rock on Angel

X-mass tree decoration.

Kinky Angel

X-mass tree decoration made from plaster.

Halloween 2011

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Where am I

You can find me lately, join and watch the news on my facebook page.



Christmas 2011 Overture

Angel and clouds are made from plaster, set on a wooden painted board. Everything is hand painted. It is a part of my christmas 2011 collection.

Sun Goddess

color pencils, A3

For me it isn’t over

Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you.

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Take my soul away

Hair is completely hand painted.

Alien flower girl power

ballpoint pen and color pencils

Nicole Kidman vector

This was my first time using Illustrator for drawing portraits.

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Peace, Earthlings

I decided that it’s time for me to learn Illustrator so this is a first try :).

OMG! Nisam skuhala ručak!

Or in english version: I forgot to make lunch! It looks like a killer is at her door, but it’s her husband. In both way: she’ll get killed ;D.

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Have a nice day

kiss 🙂

Family portrait

Combination of photomanipulation and painting.

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Smashing Magazine Calendar

I’m fainting! My Mr. Mouse illustration I’ve made month ago is in the Smashing Magazine Calendar for May! Yaaaaay! You can download it as a free desktop wallpaper here . Thanks for all your support!

Daenerys Targaryen

Character from “Game of Thrones”.
I’ve changed her hair to blue, it was more fun to draw it that way :).

Mother Earth

Made with ink, color pencils, watercolors. I tried to create that  shiny snake look a like skin with glitter, but it’s only viewable at angle (you can see it on other images).

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Look inside my soul

Photoshop, around 10 hrs.

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