Hitting the town

Kitty is learning her last lesson about humans before visiting the town for the first time.

Fur extraction

Extracting cat fur using painting techniques.


A5, color pencils

Don’t break my hairy heart

A4, color pencils and markers

Stardust Splendor

Owl earrings and cat brooch made for lovely and very talented  Stardust Splendor http://stardust-splendor.deviantart.com/ (art trade).

Cat tutorial

A short tutorial/walkthrough of my painting “Muky”. Muky is my 12 years old cat, living with my parents.


This is my cat Muky, painted in photoshop, 3 hrs. I’m thinking of printing this for my mother. Since I’m dealing with drawing a lot of hair lately, I gave it a try with animals and I have to say that it’s a great refreshment after painting portraits for a long time.