Family portrait

Combination of photomanipulation and painting.

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Look inside my soul

Photoshop, around 10 hrs.

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Jewelry retouch

Cut out and color correction.

Shirt retouch

Cut out with basic color correction and editing back side.

Mister Mouse

Part of a painting I’m working on. Drawn in Photoshop.

Hair clip cutout/clipping path

Sample of cutting detailed object with pen tool. Thanks to ~ashlee7307-stock for providing original.

Portrait Retouch Rollover

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The little match girl

This was my entry for “Fairytale” contest.

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Digital fence removal

3 A.M., photoshop, fence and me.

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Jane 007

Her name is Bond. Jane Bond. 😀

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Dancing trees

This one is older than me :D.

Morphic Adaptation

Another photoshop oldie :).

Cat tutorial

A short tutorial/walkthrough of my painting “Muky”. Muky is my 12 years old cat, living with my parents.


Painted in PS with tutorial from the book “Elements”.

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Photo manipulation&Retouch of Marili.

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Claire Bennet

Claire Bennet is a fictional character from TV series “Heroes” played by Hayden Panettiere.

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Carmen Electra

Something older

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Let me out of here

Made for photoshopcontest out of this image.

Superbugs show

Made for photoshopcontest from this image.

Doutzen Kroes

Painted in photoshop, 4 days of scrabbling around.

I’ll take care of you

This one was made for photoshopcontest. I was working on some project about homeless people and I found photo of this poor man sitting on a street with his dog. What I wanted to say with this photo manipulation is that even when the man finish his life on earth his dog will always be with him like his only and true friend. It’s hard to find real friend when you have it all, imagine how it would be if you lost everything.

My imagination

This is one of my first photo manipulations, but it’s one of my favorite from that era. Model is from .


This is my cat Muky, painted in photoshop, 3 hrs. I’m thinking of printing this for my mother. Since I’m dealing with drawing a lot of hair lately, I gave it a try with animals and I have to say that it’s a great refreshment after painting portraits for a long time.