Another Girl

Practicing pencil drawing, hair especially. Got a picked nerve in back after doing this one :D.

Sun Goddess

color pencils, A3

Smashing Magazine Calendar

I’m fainting! My Mr. Mouse illustration I’ve made month ago is in the Smashing Magazine Calendar for May! Yaaaaay! You can download it as a free desktop wallpaper here . Thanks for all your support!

Mother Earth

Made with ink, color pencils, watercolors. I tried to create thatĀ  shiny snake look a like skin with glitter, but it’s only viewable at angle (you can see it on other images).

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A5, color pencils

Mister Mouse

Part of a painting I’m working on. Drawn in Photoshop.

Don’t break my hairy heart

A4, color pencils and markers


“Happiness” was a commision for my mother, a one hour sketch. It reminds me on spring and warmer days :). Pencils and reference used.

Jane 007

Her name is Bond. Jane Bond. šŸ˜€

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Cat tutorial

A short tutorial/walkthrough of my painting “Muky”. Muky is my 12 years old cat, living with my parents.

Portfolio Photo Book

I recently bought a coupon with discount on one photo book. I had 2 months to put it all together, but of course I did it night before expiration date. But at the end I’m amazed how it looks like because I never printed any of my work. Dimension is 15x20cm. I especially like how digital paintings looks like. Colors are mixed together great, they are not too sharp.

David Bowie

Pencil drawing as a birthday present for a friend. We will remember it because firstĀ  friendĀ  pierced a big hole in the wall and then I had to come with plaster and drill. Now whenever I draw something for anyone, my first question is: do you need a drill? Just for a record before friend kills me for gossip-wall was really stubborn. You’re still the man! šŸ˜€